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I know there are several other applications for mac, i pad and i phone now, that help you organise your life.  But I really got used to Teux Deux. For my whole life I ve been making horizontal To-Do-Lists with separate columns for each day of the week. They helped me in the evenings before going to bed, when I felt there was to much on my plat (see Cupcakes and Cashmere's idea).

Yet, given that I worked on my lists also at home and basically everywhere where something came to my mind that needed to be added, I quite often forgot it either in the office or back at home. As a result I was miserably lost in my to dos. It is strange how much you can get used to these kind of things. Now this is where Teux Deux comes in.

It is an app and a webtool that I can access from everywhere just by logging in. It's just what I was looking for.

Screenshot TeuxDeux Weekly Planner


Via the little calendar on the right I can easily jump months ahead and write in to-dos like canceling my magazine subscription or anything alike.

I just wish the developers had thought about different colours too. This way I could better differentiate between work and private to-dos.

What do you use to sort your life?

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