#bakinginspo - Rice Krispies Treat

This weekend it was girls' night so after we had had our wok (sesame beef, veggies and glass noodles) I surprised the girls with a rice krispies treat, an American dessert not known much over her. I had the idea when reading Cupcakes and Cashmere and then checked out this recipe.

 Initially I was a bit troubled with the measures since they were all American but checking similar recipes on Chefkoch.de I decided to do this:

Melt and Brown 120 gramm of butter. When it smells nutty add the marshmallows (one bag - 300 gramm). When they got all soft I added a pit of sea salt and three cups (small coffee cups) of rice krispies.

I had buttered a small oven dish and spread everything with one of my silicon backing "helpers". I put the whole thing in a fridge immediately since I had no time to wait for  it to cool.

The girls loved it and it was so easy to prepare. I was done in 20 minutes max.

By the way if you have troubles finding Rice Krispies in Germany use the Kellog's
Store Finder.

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